Hi, my name’s Sarah, I’m a freelance graphic designer based in Derbyshire. I have been working in the design and print industry (in-house and then freelance) since completing my degree in Graphic Communication in 2000.

Flossy Flamingo is the result of following my passion to work with vibrant colour, texture and combine print and handmade elements to create alternative stationery, I love boho vibes!

I create highly personal event stationery and greetings that reflect who you are and what your event is about. This may be you as a couple or you as a company.

I also work on more commercial style graphic design projects at evokevisual.com if that’s something that interests you.

I’d love to hear from you, please feel free to reach out and say hi via the contact form or you can find me on social media, Instagram @flossyflamingo.co.uk, Twitter @flossyflamingo2, and Facebook @FlossyFlamingoEventStationery.

Thanks for Visiting!
Sarah x